Filestate Management, Inc.



Founded by Robert John L. Sobrepeña, Ferdinand T. Santos and Noel M. Cariño, Fil-Estate was established in January of 1981 to market properties. The first few years of its organization were characterized by fast paced growth in sales and continuous acquisition of several large subdivisions from one major real estate developer.

Eventually, Fil-Estate saw the need to branch out into marketing-related services so that it may better fulfill its original commitment of providing real first class homes to all its clients.

Incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 12, 1982, Fil-Estate Management, Inc. (FEMI) was created to source out and manage new real estate projects. It managed land appraisals and project packaging and developed management systems, pricing packages, and licensing in line with the specific needs of its clientele.

The primary purpose of FEMI as the Parent Company is to carry on the business of a management company in all its elements, aspects and details, which consist principally of the following: (a) to act as managers, managing agents or administrators of corporations, partnerships, or persons, with respect to their businesses or properties, (b) to acquire by purchase, exchange, assignment or otherwise and to hold, own and use for investment or otherwise, and to sell, assign, transfer, exchange, lease, let, develop, mortgage, pledge, traffic and deal in and to operate, enjoy and dispose of, any and all properties of every kind and description and wherever situated, as to and extend permitted by law, including but not limited to real estate.

With over a hundred properties developed and marketed, FEMI has become a formidable force in the country’s real estate and transportation industry. Its impressive list of projects includes many of the country's foremost developments and properties found all over the archipelago.